Where did this  Deerfield Beach Magazine cover go? Who was behind Deerfield Beach Magazine from deleting this online cover?  We say it was per our Mayor. Censorship Mayor, really???????

For the record Burgess Hanson, our Deerfield Beach City Manager and highest paid employee lives in Wellington that is just a fact. Maybe it is time for a referendum and repeal the exception allowing our city manager to not live in Deerfield Beach. Why is the Mayor not allowing someone to say that at a public meeting? That was no personal attack on someone that was not at the meeting like Mayor did on resident  John Grassi at a previous commission meeting, that was a personal attack calling him a “Fool”, really Mayor for a blog post?  That video is also below. Remember what President Harry Truman said ‘If you can not take the heat get out of the kitchen”.

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Below are our Mayor threatening to have a citizen removed from a public meeting for stating a fact about our city manager.Below that is a video of the West Virginia legislature having a citizen removed for the same thing telling the facts. We have written and presented coverage by others in the media of the situation in Riviera Beach and Homestead. These municipalities have gone as far as to arrest citizens for speaking at commission meetings.

The Riviera Beach case will be heard by the Supreme Court and it appears Riviera Beach is on the losing side of the argument.The justices have agreed to hear a case in which Fane Lozman sued after being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at a public meeting for speaking when the Mayor ordered him to stop. Lozman has already sued and won against Riviera Beach in a houseboat case that also went to the Supreme Court of The United States, Very rare that a plaintiff gets their cases heard two times before the US Supreme Court. Deerfield Beach are you paying attention, you are already violating constitutional rights it is just a matter of time before one of us who has had their rights violated file a federal lawsuit.


Is Deerfield Beach going to  be the third municipality in South Florida that is violating citizens rights to be heard?  Seems to some that is exactly what is going on at city hall. Was not that long ago when the online appearance of the above Deerfield Beach Magazine cover disappeared mysteriously from appearing online.  Now censoring the press or using your political position to do it and stifling citizens from speaking are both very serious constitutional rights violations. Our city should heed warnings from the other two municipalities embroiled in legal battles over the same thing, this seems to be a losing road for Mayor and company if they keep traveling down it. Folks look at the videos of our own meetings you can be the judge if the Mayor has already gone too far! The videos below are disturbing in both cases they are infringements upon the First Amendment.


The mayor of Deerfield Beach calls out a certain Facebook post. Should he let lies just lie there? Or … is this part of fighting back in the social media age? (starts at about 3 minutes)

Posted by Anne Geggis on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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