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Our Take -Deerfield Beach Activist Takes Aim At Sun-Sentinel Reporter and A Leaker( Maybe-Mayor Ganz) At Deerfield City Hall


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-In breaking a story about Broward county powerhouse attorney David Bogenschutz offer to the city of Deerfield Beach,activist Patrick Jolivet is questioning the leak.

The letter from attorney Bogenschutz had not been made public.Seems someone who maybe did not get along with Mayor Robb or wanted the information leaked (maybe-Mayor Ganz) to his favorite reporter Anne Geggis took the offer and turned it into a smear campaign against our late Mayor Robb.

As we posted yesterday we believe Mr. Bogenschutz has it right we should name a street after Jean Robb,the only questions are Jean Robb Boulevard or Jean Robb Avenue and which street.The city of Deerfield Beach is in no position to waste our money trying to stiff Mr. Bogenschutz in a court battle he certainly will win.

Let Deerfield Beach “do the right thing” take advantage of the Bogenschutz offer and name a street after our late Mayor Robb.

Mayor Ganz you should propose this and vote for it and a little contrition would not hurt,here is your chance to do the right thing .

As this year comes to an end remember Mayor Ganz flat out lied about not being able to attend Mayor Robbs funeral,should have said the truth he did not want to go.I do not remember seeing that “News” fact printed in the Sun-Sentinel that the current  Mayor of Deerfield Beach did not attend the longest serving mayor in the history of Deerfield Beach’s funeral.


The below opinions are those of Mr. Jolivet

Here is Mr Jolivets letter to the editor.-

I have just read the article written by Anne Geggis from the Sun Sentinel concerning Jean Robb and I could not help but to be appalled by the level that she will continue to go in her pathetic attempt to ruin Jean Robbs reputation.

This letter from Bogenshutz was not made public so we know that only someone with inside information that had it in for Jean Robb would leak this information to his pitbull Anne Geggis who has never had anything decent to write about Jean Robb.

The fact is that I should not be surprised by the lack of class that some of the people in this City have when the Mayor, Bill Ganz does not even attend her funeral.

This is what happens when you are born in the back of a pick up truck!

To put things in perspective,, the article states that Jean Robb pleaded guilty to charges which made her look like she should be featured on Americas Most Wanted and subsequently paid a 1000 fine! 

The fact is that she is guilty of giving a parking pass to the pastor of St Ambrose Church, and accepting a donation for the historical society!

This is just another example of the level that this lowlife who writes for the Sun Sentinel will go!

This woman is dead for god sake! What I would like to know is what kind of animal would allow this garbage to be published!

The Sun Sentinel is a rag that never publishes anything that is not pro Ganz like the channel 10 news story about nepotism and corruption in City hall or the story about the Bisons and the threatened lawsuit by a child that suffered kidney damage.

These stories that made Ganz look like an idiot on local television was nowhere to be found in the Sun Sentinel and yet this pig finds the need to write another bias story about Jean Robb without putting the charges into perspective!

She gave a parking sticker to the Pastor of a Church
She took a donation for the historical society 
She used a City vehicle to clean the parking lot of her church

Compare this to what is going on in this City under Bill Ganz and tell me about justice!