Beach,Fl-Sun-Sentinel is reporting that powerhouse Broward County attorney David Bogenschutz will waive pending legal fees if the City of Deerfield Beach names a street after our late Mayor Jean Robb.According to them Bogenschutz claims there is an outstanding balance that Deerfield Beach owes to him.They are reporting the city does not acknowledge that has requested what outstanding and paid legal fees Deerfield Beach owes to any law firm that is pending in a recent public records request.

We are with Mr.Bogenschutz that naming a street after Mayor Robb is something the city should do.I would also suggest that if in fact the city owes Mr. Bogenschutz the legal fees they either pay them or accept his offer.I would like to see the City of Deerfield Beach get into a legal battle with Mr. Bogenschutz over legal fees. So Jean Robb Boulevard or Jean Robb Avenue should be the questions our Mayor and City commissioners should be thinking of not stiffing a legal legend who certainly will sue the city for his unpaid legal fees.