Deerfield Beach’s First Wawa Opens! Beach,Fl-Without as much fanfare as the other stores that have opened WAWA is now open in Deerfield Beach.The first of two stores planned for Deerfield Beach has finished construction and opened yesterday.Located at the corner of Powerline  and Sample Roads at Crossroads Shopping Center,2271 West Sample Road.The new WAWA is one of two planned for the city the other on the corner of Hillsboro and James Moran Blvd will also open shortly.


Look back on the first 50 years of Wawa memories and milestones, including the first store in 1964, launches of your favorite Wawa products, our expansion to Florida, and more!

  • 1960’s
  • April 16, 1964

    The first Wawa Food Market opens in Folsom, PA

  • 1968

    The first New Jersey store opens

  • 1969

    The first Delaware store opens

  • 1969

    Wawa Kitchens offer foods like hamburgers and fried chicken

  • 1970’s
  • 1970

    Pre-made hoagies and sandwiches are introduced

  • 1972

    A new slogan “People on the Go – Go to Wawa Food Markets” is introduced

  • 1972

    Wawa opens 100th store in Marlton, NJ

  • 1972

    Wawa stores stay open round-the-clock

  • 1974

    The Goose and gold background are added to the Wawa logo

  • 1975

    Wawa stores begin brewing and selling fresh coffee

  • 1978

    The 200th Wawa store opens in Souderton, NJ

  • 1980’s
  • 1980

    Wawa wins “Best of Philly” award for coffee

  • 1981

    Customers tell us “We Do It Just a Little Bit Better,” which becomes the new advertising slogan

  • 1982

    Wawa separates the deli from the checkout counter for speedier service

  • 1984

    Hoagies are now Built-to-Order

  • 1984

    Hot foods are introduced: Here comes the Meatball Express!

  • 1985

    The 300th store opens in Woodstown, NJ

  • 1986

    Wawa wins “Best of Philly” award for coffee and deli

  • 1988

    Camp Wawa and Wawa University debut, providing Associates with state-of-the-art training and educational opportunities

  • 1988

    The President’s Club is launched to recognize and celebrate Wawa’s store managers

  • 1990’s
  • 1991

    Wawa Dairy takes top honors in Master Dairy’s Quality Product Awards

  • 1992

    The Shorti Hoagie is introduced

  • 1992

    The Wawa Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is formalized

  • 1992

    The first Hoagie Day is held at Philadelphia City Hall on May 7

  • 1992

    Wawa opens 500th store

  • 1994

    First “super store” opens in Tinicum, PA. It was 5,700 sq. ft. and had 50+ parking spots

  • 1995

    ATMs are installed in all Wawa stores; to this day, there is no surcharge 

  • 1996

    The Sizzli breakfast sandwich is introduced

  • 1996

    First fuel store opens in Millsboro, DE

  • 1998

    First store in Virginia opens

  • 1998

    The Wawa Bakery is introduced

  • 1999

    The “Rendelli” hoagie is featured at Hoagie Day to raise funds for education

  • 1999

    The “My Choice, My Wawa” campaign debuts

  • 2000’s
  • 2002

    Wawa’s famous Touch Screen Ordering is installed in all stores

  • 2002

    The Wawa Dairy celebrates its 100th anniversary

  • 2003

    Hot, stuffed pretzels hit the warmer!

  • 2004

    The 24 oz. coffee cup – Big 24! – is introduced

  • 2004

    “Gottahava Wawa” is launched

  • 2005

    Toasting begins in stores

  • 2006

    200th fuel store opens

  • 2006

    Wawa’s annual charitable giving tops $5.6 million

  • 2008

    Coffeetopia celebrates Wawa’s coffee selection

  • 2008

    100% Colombian brew is launched

  • 2009

    Wawa customers and associates donate almost 3,000 pints of blood in the annual blood drives

  • 2010’s
  • 2010

    Built-to-Order Smoothies and Frozen Cappuccinos are launched

  • 2010

    April 14, 2010: 1 billionth surcharge-free ATM transaction is celebrated!

  • 2012

    First Florida store opens in Orlando on July 18

  • 2012

    Associate ownership increases to 38%

  • 2012

    Freshly made Specialty Beverages like Hot & Iced Lattes, Hot Chocolates, and more are launched

  • 2012

    Nametags “Proudly Associate Owned”

  • 2013

    Rolls are baked fresh in stores

  • 2014
  • Wawa celebrates its 50th Anniversary

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