Breaking News-The City Of Deerfield Beach Censors Deerfield Beach Magazine Beach,Fl-Where is the story,where is the link to the story? Did the actions of Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz or any city official cause the removal of this story,this smells of censorship.Really kind of strange the whole way we found out about this story.The one where the Mayor apparently was apoplectic and used his influence to have the story quashed.The story which negatively yet truthfully told a story about  the opioid epidemic and Deerfield Beach.The only problem is the story lives on Deerfield Beach is paying or suffering the consequences daily.

Our email to the Mayor.

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Date: Tue, Dec 05, 2017 1:42 pm
To: “Mayor Ganz” <>
Cc: “Rebecca Medina” <>
Mayor Ganz,
Sources say you have asked for this article /post to be taken down as it reflects negatively on Deerfield Beach any comment?
Censorship is a very, very bad thing for our elected officials to be involved with.
This month Point! Publishing examines Broward County’s opioid epidemic, which is projected to claim 1,000 lives in the county by the end of the year. The epidemic is taking a hard toll on city and county departments. Point! Publishing’s Danielle Charbonneau reports. Read it here:…/

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