Deerfield Beach Still Rife With Massage Parlors,Rub N Tugs? Beach,Fl-The reason we  have so many massage parlors has nothing to do with muscle aches.We have written about the proliferation of “RubNTugs” throughout Deerfield Beach.Maybe the reason for so many is the way our City Officials,Commission and Mayor value women? Why is nothing being done and in fact more seem to be open then ever before?

In todays world of the famous and politicians dropping like flies in sexual harrassment scandal after scandal why is Deerfield Beach continuing to allow these “Massage Parlors”.Does Deerfield Beach not value our women, that we need to license these businesess to conduct illegal activities and possibly human trafficking?

Nobody with a brain,let alone our City Commissioners and Mayor does not know what really goes on in these establishments.Our City Officials, Mayor and Commissioners have been turning a “Blind Eye” and allowing these houses of ill repute to floursh and prosper in all parts Deerfield Beach.

BSO also is at fault for allowing these establishments and turning a blind eye.Where is a special “Task Force” like they had in Palm Beach county recently.The time is long past due for BSO and or whatever law enforcement agencies to stop this. Deerfield Beach can draw better businesses than “RubNTug” massage parlors.

Human trafficking also is a major problem at these establishments.Legitmate licensed massage therapists and establishments  also suffer due to these illegal massage parlors.

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