Deerfield Beach,Fl-We requested that Deerfield Beach inform us if we had paId out or settled any sexual harassment claims.The infamous “No Records Exist” was received.

Request Number: 6027

Status: Completed

Submitted on 11/17/2017 8:28 AM
Human Resources - No record exists.
So that brings us to again question the digital custodial records system and the old computer 101 garbage in garbage out. Who is inputting and then doing the searching into what data base? Who supervises this ,who oversees this system what is the appeal process?
We have resson to believe that in this time period the city of Deerfield Beach has in fact paid either settlements or legal fees defending them we believe it is both.The only other conclusion we can draw based on our sources is litgation is pending.So I will rephrase the questions.That will generate another double talking non-answer answer.Public records requests should not become a game of sharades and semantics.

Let this be an actual Public Record Request. What is the procedure from Human Resources in Deerfield Beach,for an employee to come forward with an accusation or complaint of a supervisor or someone in a superior position and sexual harassment?