Does Deerfield Beach Need A Strong Public Records Database Website Might Need A Look At and The Sunshine Laws Beach,Fl-These questions seems to be being asked more each day.

From all around town and social media sites,the City Manager with a weak Mayor and 4 commissioner form of government has come under fire.We pretty much know how they will vote before meetings. In some cases the word is out it is a “done deal” before the vote is held.That brings into question our “Sunshine Laws” if our commissioners and Mayor think,some of us do not believe these “Sunshine Laws” are being violated they are kidding themselves.There is no way I can be getting from my sources the information about pending items before our  commission and Mayor and the vote turns out just as our sources told us it would.

I do not for one believe some of the Public Records Requests. I have submitted are being answered fully and truthfully as a result of lack on information submitted from the city or intrepretations.I think and investigation into and how it processes “Public Record Requests” from the city should be examined and assurances there is no political hanky panky between requests and the answers.Sometimes when they say there is no record,I just can not believe they looked at the question asked.


Yesterday I did speak with Asst. City Clerk Heather Montemayor after Rebecca Medina had who called us. She was calling over a pending request that the city wanted clarification on I appreciate that and Heather was courteous and professional, we were I believe able to clarify what I was looking for.Again I am not sure of the process and the fact www.My seems to actually maintain the data base the city is searching, the problems maybe from them.

Hello Heather,
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Please also include the amount of traffic to Unique Visitors,page views and other traffic metrics available for January,1 2017-thru November 15 2017.


Extremely low voter turnouts in citywide elections as they are not held on election day allows someone with hundreds of votes in a city of 75,000 to win electons.Deerfield Beach citizens need to take a hard look at the numbers and facts.As has reported we feel.Our pension board that oversees the Firemens Pension Board is one of the most influential groups in our city. BSO Fire Rescue may have  too much political influence and that is because of the staggereing pension obligation we face in Deerfield Beach.Maybe folks election day should be election day  and a strong Mayor form of government would be better or untie the hands of the city manager and let him run the city.

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