Beach,Fl-The city of Deerfield Beach has taken the graffitti problem to their Facebook page for help!The city is asking residents who see someone tagging to CALL-911.


Vandalism of public property is a crime and if the value of the damage exceeds $1,000, that crime is deemed a felony – something that can change someone’s life forever. City monument and entryway signs are being tagged by criminals. Sidewalks and utility boxes are being defaced. Thousands have been spent to repair the beach balls in front of the Deerfield Beach wave sign, consistently damaged by skateboarders. It might seem like a harmless problem but the money used to regularly clean up this mess is your money. BSO recently caught one of the vandals responsible for some of the damage captured in these photos. Law Enforcement is watching, cameras are rolling and the City is now asking residents to be on alert.

If you see someone defacing public property, it is a crime in progress and you are urged to call 911. If you have any information about ongoing vandalism please contact BSO’s non-emergency number, 954.764.4357.

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