Beach,Fl-We have had our own situation with a “Henchwoman for the Mayor Ganz flagging our posts and complaining to NextDoor on Next Door about our posts.Yes in our case one of our former city commisioners wives decided to censor and take exception with our posts.Now it seems the Facebook group Deerfield Beach Politics has found some issues on this platform,and we believe they are coming from friends of Mayor Ganz and Co, what do you think?

From Deerfield Beach Politics-

Have any of you used Well I have been put on restricted access after well over a year of using it, and if I would have to guess it would be Katherine Freitag and some of her friends who have filed a complaint to the site. It’s amazing how those want to shut down freedom of speech and expression. Note – on that site I was posting facts about the Management and Commission – especially our Mayor and letting people judge for themselves the level of incompetence. Outrageous as it might be. For those in neighboring cities like LHP that was discussing the rehab homes and how they are developing down in their area now. If you look north to Deerfield Beach on Federal Highway, you will begin to understand why. It’s a disgrace!