Beach,Fl-As we reported last week ,some are afrraid Boca Raton can not wait until Deerfield Beach needs water from the “Spigot”.We have just received the most recent inspection report update and Deerfield Beach still has work to do.

As we reported has been approached by a couple of folks who say Boca Raton is just waiting for a “payback” to Deerfield Beach.Apparently for our lack of hospitality several years ago when Boca Raton needed water and they opened the spigot.Boca Raton apparently according to our sources was let’s say “they felt overcharged” for the use of Deerfield’s water.

Remember our water treatment plant could be rendered out of service at any given moment by a natural diaster,we have no second plant in the city.Plan B is our neighbor to the north Boca Raton and the use of the “Spigot”. Our sources  say they are pissed off it would seem prudent for Deerfield Beach officials to clear this up with Boca sooner rather than later.

Reviewing the reports turned over to us today show the city still has work to do.Hopefully our “McGyver” of a water treatment plant will hold together for a few more days.Come on guys and gals you think we are all that stupid,why not just tell the truth about the water treatment plant .That would be it needs a lot of work to be brought up to date to 2017 standards.Deerfield Beach seems to  spend money on signs rather than on the safety of our drinking water and improving our water treatment plant.