Beach,Fl-Below is a video of  Deerfield Beach Mayor giving his non-compliant illegal review of our city manager.

Since Burgess Hanson has been appointed City Manager, he has never had a job performance review until the residents started to complain.

A few weeks ago Bull$hitting Bill Ganz was tired of the little people complaining waived his wand and gave Mr. Hanson a stellar review without any input from the Commission.

This is after he received a $35,0000 dollar pay increase to $185,000 per year and other lucrative benefits that bring his salary to well over $225,000 per year

Today, we give the City Manager our review! Never during the years that he has held this position was this city manager faced with a true test like a hurricane and on this test, both he and this Mayor have proved to be totally incompetent!

Aside from the fact that Deerfield Beach was not really hit with a hurricane, I can only imagine what would happen if it really did!

Taking into consideration that it took three weeks for Hanson to come to terms with the fact that we need additional help to remove the debris because he refused to spend our money that he has been hoarding in order to increase the reserves to impress the credit agencies.He has allowed parts of this city to become a health hazard that are sure to bring rats and other vermin along with the stench of rotten food are permeating our neighborhoods.

I am sure that the fact that he lives in Wellington does not allow him to realize what the residents are going through nor does he care.

A fat salary and the Mayor in his pocket is all that he needs!

Final Grade: Bull$hitting Bill Ganz – F
City Manager:- Pathetic