No automatic alt text available. Beach,Fl-We have published several stories about Florida drivers and “Driving Without Signals”.Today PBSO in a Facebook post makes the same point in a clever way,only problem many readers say  deputies also do not use their signals.

BREAKING NEWS: Newly discovered driving technology alerts nearby drivers, wirelessly, of your intentions while you drive in real-time.


Jennifer Sampson It took me literally three long minutes to understand they were talking about the blinker. I was really intrigued..wondering if this was some kind of privacy violation…trying to really grasp this breaking news. (omg…?????)

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Bronze Perez I wonder if they are aware that police cars also come with this technology? I see so many that don’t use it.

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Kathy Battaglia Seriously….it drives me nuts that people do not sure their indicators, turn signals, blinkers, flashers, whatever you want to call them, when making turns….if it it’s a right turn, use them, people!!!

Kat McVey Bartlett I wish I had invented this! Millions of people are going to want this and I have no doubt it will save lives!!

Mike Preslo That’s optional equipment on most vehicles sold in Florida, and everybody knows to say NO to dealership add ons. ?

Melissa Mills You should remind your deputies to use their blinkers also…

Scott Schapiro Just be sure to keep your blinker fluid filled! ?

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Sandy Young Standard in all cars. Just like the pre-lit “check engine” light in Fords.

Monica Lynn Barrera Officers should also be reminded to use their blinkers too…

Errin Williams Does it require regular maintainence? Like, blinker fluid or something? ???

Gary Goebel I moved hear from N.Y. Realized a lot of drivers here do not use turn signals i see bmxs lexis and even rolls do they know that’s not an option comes standard so use them.

Chuck Edgar And it even comes standard on all cars (unlike the intelligence of many of their drivers).

Paul Miles Now teach your deputies how to use them.

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Juan Garzon Thank you for somewhat enforcing it through social media…. I’ve had that since I bought my car

Craig Moore Maybe it would help if law enforcement not only enforced the use but used it themselves. Js


Jenn Aiken If only everyone knew what this was??‍♀️

Phil Baxter Oh wow cages do have them now.. hmmmm’


Heather Dubois good


Marili Kelly Perfect


Jesse Dillon Seems legit. ?

Nick Sessler That’s funny

Lucy Ungaro blaghhh… New gadgets every day