Beach,Fl-The Palm Beach Sheriffs Office is reporting the death of 82 year old Alfonzor Major of Deerfield Beach.Mr.Major was killed when he lost control of his truck in Boca Raton.The crash ocurred before dawn and he crashed into a tree.Driving While Old Another Deerfield Beach Senior Death!

This is the third tragic death in just a few weeks of senior citizens killed in single vehicle accidents. One versus a train and two versus trees. This does not include yesterdays averted tragedy at The Beach Comber,when a senior accidentally backed up his Escalade thru the stores doors and windows.Thankfully Broward Sheriffs office reported no injuries in that incident. has written that The State of Florida has no mechanism available for family members or anyone else to Re-Test or cause to be Re-Tested known unsafe senior citizens with valid licenses.The states failure to come up with a way for concerned family members to get their loved ones retested or take the key away does not exist.Until Florida does something there will be hundreds of accidents like these three except innocent people will get killed as well.Anothertragedy was just avoided in Deerfield when another senior backed up across the street and into Beachcomber souvenir shops.Stay tuned for more Driving While Old.