BSO Cookies for cops Beach,Fl-Broward Sheriff’s Office (Official)
What an amazing show of support from our community. Just a few days after a little boy payed for one of our motorman’s breakfast, a mom stopped by our Tamarac district office with her son and daughter to deliver cookies as part of the #cookiesforcops challenge. We are all overwhelmed with the unity and support in the community. Take a look at her email. Like and share this post if you support law enforcement!

“Thank you so much for having us. I just wanted to share a little that was on my heart and explain a little more about why we were doing this.

“A friend of mine from church brought cookies to her local police station last week. She then put it on Facebook with #cookiesforcops and challenged us all to do the same. I’m not one to follow trends on social media or do anything to gain attention for myself; showing the world, look what good I just did. But after really thinking about this I agreed to her challenge and this is why…

“The people who show hate and have negative things to say about police officers do it well! They flood my social media, the news, and every day conversations. The majority of people who support the police officers haven’t used their voice much. So this is a small way for the police officers, the public, and my friends and family to see that I support my local police. I care, we care!

“If I can lift the spirits of those who risk their lives to protect my family, my 1.5 year old son, I will! This is the best way I can be an example to him. He loves food (especially cookies!) so hopefully after watching and being able to experience me giving to this BSO station, over the next few months he will learn about the importance of giving.

“I would love to come in every month or so and drop off a special treat. I am excited to see in how many ways this will bless my family, my son. I have so much to teach him, what better way than this!”

For more information on Cookie For Cops, check out Cookies For Cops.


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