Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Nine Broward cities are rethinking their contracts with BSO. Deerfield Beach is apparently one of them. In a report by The Sun-Sentinel Deerfield Beach commissioner Todd Drosky said the following. “Public safety is over 60 percent of our budget and there’s no real oversight “We’re paying a lot of expenses at the word of downtown. It’s like trust me, you’re getting a good deal on this, but nobody is verifying that.”

Drosky said the city’s general fund budget is roughly 100 million dollars. There was a meeting this week of the cities that are looking at exiting using the Sheriff’s services. City manager David Santucci was supposed to be there for Deerfield Beach.

The Sun-Sentinel says that Deerfield Beach is skeptical of BSO’s answers and that the city is considering creating an office of Public Safety.

For those of us old enough to remember the good old days when Deerfield beach had its own police force certainly it seemed that Deerfield Beach police did a lot more community policing. You knew many of Deerfield Beach’s officers by name and they knew you. Now I get the city was a lot smaller then than now, but maybe it’s time to return the control of policing to the city and have our own police force again.

One would also hope that our  Mayor, city commissioners and city manager would know what they don’t know and have admitted above are we getting a good deal, or is BSO ripping off the taxpayers of Deerfield Beach and our leaders are asleep at the wheel?

Sixty percent of our general budget and there is no real oversight these words are shocking especially from a city commissioner and every Deerfield Beach resident should be screaming at our elected officials if there is no oversight from them !

Who the hell should know if we are getting a “Good Deal” with BSO or not if not our City manager our financial director and the elected commissioners and Mayor?

Stay tuned as we start to request some public records about our BSO deal and the pension obligations that come with it.