Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Are you really that stupid that you believe in Q anon? Are you really that stupid you believe there is a deep state that is controlled by Clinton , Soros and company and they lead a pedophile ring based in a pizzeria? Well, some of you do and you are dangerous. Trump and his ilk lead an insurrection on January 6 Q-anon and Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are all Trump supporters and they lead this insurrection at his behest.

Let’s get to the fact TRUMP LOST. Do not like that well next time get out the vote. That does not mean pass laws state by state to suppress the vote that means get your ass out and you vote. Stop the Republican bullshit of voter suppression with your nonsense laws stopping people from giving water to those in a voter line on election day? This is America you republicans are supposed to be for nongovernmental interference and fewer laws, sure does not look like that when you pass unnecessary voter suppression laws. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. The nonsense of the Forensic Fraudit going on in Arizona is just more Trump shenanigans. The fact is Trump lost and as a result, tried to usurp our laws and do whatever he could to stay in power. The peaceful transition of power is the cornerstone of our democracy and trump flouted that. To you that support him still, please do not read Deerfield News we do not need or want your readership. Stay with your “Fake News” at ONAN . Newsmax and Fox after all it was Rupert Murdoch that invented fake news and he has literally brainwashed the bulk of Trumpers.

Today it was revealed Trump was pushing the DOJ to do whatever necessary to annul the vote because he lost. Not that any of this should surprise anyone after discovering the DOJ under trump empaneled a grand jury and subpoenaed journalists and sitting members of congresses emails and ceil records. This should not surprise anyone this man single-handedly has set our democracy back a hundred years, he is a no-good lying sack o sh*t who should be locked up. He has broken more laws than any sitting president and not to mention what he did before he was president. He made it ok for you haters to show your faces again he promoted division and racism and you mullets bought it and ate it up.