Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Our most-read story of last year is once again and rightfully so making the TV news.

Last night channel 7 did an in-depth piece on the beachfront buyback the city should be undertaking.

The ongoing battle between Kristina Clothier and Deerfield Beach needs to be resolved. Time is long overdue for the city to write the check and purchase the beachfront lots from Clothier. While there are many that oppose this route, it is the fastest and best route available to the city. The city’s nonsense of fining Ms. Clothier close to $50,000  for signs is doing nothing for those residents that want to see her motor home off the beach.

As has reported the city of Deerfield Beach has paid the following to enforce code violations to Calvin and Giordano.

Deerfield Beach has paid Calvin and Giordano

2017-$3.5 million

2018-$4.7 million

2019-$6.9 million

2020 thru August-$4.2 million

While getting paid nearly $20 million dollars in the same time frame this ongoing beach battle has been going on. The city has a total of over $ 62 million in unpaid fines. Ms. Clothier’s fines are not even in the top ten list of uncollected monies due to the city, Seems a bit like selective enforcement that the city is doggedly pursuing Ms. Clothier and not collecting the other $62 million dollars from all the other violators.

Once again we say that if the city could have gotten an injunction to remove Ms. Clothier from her land they would have. Clothier seems to have the upper hand in this legal battle. The city is underestimating what could happen if someone else buys that land from Ms. Clothier. The city is calculating that there is no other buyer in this world that would like to own beachfront property in Deerfield Beach. Deal with the devil you know, the price is only going to be higher as we the citizens are paying the attorneys. The more time that is wasted the city of Deerfield Beach is just putting off the inevitable. Do you think it is an eyesore, now? The next occupant could be much much worse and really play some dirty tricks on the city. (  I will give them some ideas)

Those that read our posts know when I see some of the items this city spends money on wily nilly, we call it out. The cost of the legal fees the city is wasting could have already paid for a good chunk of what this transaction is going to cost the city at the end of the day. Purchasing the beachfront property from Clothier is what the city needs to do. Enough is enough the public wants their beach back and wants to minimize the legal fees the city is paying to fight a losing battle..