Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-The nonsense being spewed by republican sycophants is false. Rush, Sean Levin, and Dobbs are lying and it is Trump who is trying to steal the vote. The people have spoken, trump can continue to seek redress in the courts, but he will not succeed. Why because the votes were legitimate. There is no evidence to support the wild conspiracy theories spewed by Rush, Sean  Mark Levin, and Lou Dobbs, none. Rudy Giuliani has made a fol of himself with his nonsense, and it is nonsense.

trump’s attempt to sway Georgia’s Secy of State was reprehensible now he is targeting legislators from Michigan to break norms and cast their electoral votes for him. The will of the people has spoken the votes are in they clearly show Joe Biden winning and by a lot. Trump needs to do the right thing and concede he lost fair and square.

The President-elect needs access to classified material to make for a smooth transition and to secure our country on January 20th.


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