Beach,Fl-From the city of Deerfield Beach

Meet Steve Graham from Planning & Development Services
The Department provides services in four different areas: Planning & Zoning Division, Landscape Division, Building Division, and Code Compliance Division.
I am the Assistant Director of the Planning & Development Services department. I have a Bachelor of Science (Major: Geography) and a Bachelor of Town Planning from the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia. My job is to oversee all four divisions; however, I started my career as a Town Planner working for a City in Australia. In high school, I was always interested in how City’s and places grew and changes and had a real interest in why buildings and places looked the way they did. Urban planning is a great career that allows me to make a difference in the community and make it a better place to live, work, and play.
Deerfield Beach is a place with a great sense of community. It’s made up of a proud, diverse bunch of people who make it the amazing place it is.