Beach, Fl-While Hillsboro Beach says they spent 2.5 million dollars Deerfield Beach says they spent 800K on legal fees. The city of Deerfield Beach in the post below explains the settlement of Sand Wars.

From Anthony Soroka Deerfield Beach City Attorney-

The Settlement Agreement provides for Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beach to work together and jointly perform Beach Renourishment Projects approximately every five years during the term of the Agreement.  The Settlement provides for the dismissal of the litigation and the intent that the Agreement resolves Hillsboro’s claims raised in the litigation.  There are provisions that encourage maximizing receipt of third party funding (ex. Federal, state, county funding) to help fund the project and working cooperatively to establish regional sediment management with neighboring jurisdictions and reduce project costs.


Deerfield Beach is not required to remove any groin structures.  There are no payments being made to either party to settle the litigation.  As to future renourishment project costs, each party is responsible for paying for their own portion of the Sand Costs based on the percentage of sand placed on each party’s respective beach.  Project Management costs will be divided evenly.


The City has spent approximately $820,000 on attorney fees through August 31, 2020.


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