Beach,Fl-The city of Deerfield Beach has contacted about our recent post regarding code enforcement and the fee paid to Calvin Giordano and Associates. The fee is not a “Lump Sum” fee. We are including the email received from Director of Communications Rebecca Medina Stewart, and the first part of our prior post below. Beach, has several public records requests pending with the city. The first document we received today indicated that Deerfield Beach has paid Calvin and Giordano a lump sum fee upfront of 1.12 million dollars for code enforcement services.

Howie, the city does not pay a lump sum. DFB pays a monthly fee for the Code Enforcement Services contract. The number you are referencing is the annual cost.  There is a second contract for Building Services and the compensation to CGA is based on the revenue generated from building permit fees. For anything up to 3M CGA receives 75% to DFB’s 25% of revenues. Anything over 3M CGA receives 90% of building permit revenues to DFB’s 10%.


Calvin and Giordano based in Fort Lauderdale in Port Everglades sure seems to have a sweetheart of a deal. In what many cities do in the house with city employees Deerfield Beach farms out and gives up 75 percent of the revenue generated by fees to Calvin and Giordano.

But we do not have 75% of the costs attributed to building permit processing, inspections, and staff expenses. 

Also, keep in mind the City is just one of many cities who outsources this service. Hillsboro Beach, Weston, Pompano, and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea are just a few who also use CGA.



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