Beach, Fl-Once again I had the unfortunate luck to exit Publix on west Hillsboro the wrong way. Again as is the norm getting past the drive-thru line at Chick Fill A is a traffic nightmare. The chain which this week started taking orders from credit card paying customers in the parking lot adjacent from their store. When I saw this on Monday I thought it was a step in the right direction to controlling the traffic nightmare their drive-thru has created. Today was even worse, and to top it off BSO was there. I do not know if BSO is being brought in on a “Special Detail” which is what is needed. After seeing the issue again it appears one BSO deputy may not be enough. With business as brisk as it is a Chick Fill A  they may need two Special Detail deputies to control the flow of traffic.  Chick Fill A corporate and Deerfield Beach Mall landlords and the city of Deerfield Beach need to get this issue resolved.


  1. They may have more important things to deal with. I’m not sure that residents having parking lot issues is on the radar right now.


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