Beach, Fl- We have done several posts in the past four years about credit card skimmers. Again this is an ongoing problem in South Florida. Broward County still has issues daily here is a recent post from Coral Springs Police about credit card skimming at the pump.

 From-Coral Springs Police

Economic Crimes Unit would like to educate the public on some new and ongoing scams.

Florida leads the nation in gas pump credit card ‘skimming’. Thieves tamper with the credit card scanning mechanism on the physical machines to steal credit card numbers they then use for theft. Fourteen credit card skimmers have been discovered at two 7-Eleven locations over the past five months. Always check before you swipe. The gas pump door should have a sealed sticker if the sticker is broken do not use and report it to the attendant. For another layer of protection make gas payments with a credit card instead of using debit cards.
With over $3.5 Billion in theft nationwide, PREVENTION IS KEY.
n Deerfield beach contact BSO


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