Deerfield-News.comDeerfiel beach, Fl-To the naysayers we will have a post later today showing 200,000 Americans will likely die by the end of August, not October.  No, it is not just because we are testing more, it is because the virus is spreading. With no vaccine in sight and numbers of cases and deaths and hospitalizations on the rise, Wells Fargo is placing customers in danger. Through no fault of their own, a person who uses PPE cannot protect themselves from the person using the other ATM who comes after them and is wearing no protection and wants to talk to make it worse. I understand when Wells Fargo moved from the freestanding building they upgraded to two ATM’s at the new branch a good move. And through no fault of theirs, we now have a Pandemic. That said they Wells Fargo still has a duty to their customers for safe banking at their ATM machines. In the case of the branch at Century Plaza, they must install protective measures or take one machine out of service and make it obvious.


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