As a nation, we all watched as George Floyd took his final breath on the streets of Minneapolis. We watched the brutality that was captured on video for all to see. This injustice has caused many in our nation to stand up and demand change. For those who are protesting peacefully, the Deerfield Beach City Commission stands in solidarity with you, and in honor of George Floyd. Our prayers are with you, and we hear you. Our local police are committed to protecting those who are peacefully demanding to have their voices heard. Law Enforcement is also committed to protecting our community. For those agitators and fringe groups causing civil unrest, we see you as well. You will not hijack this moment and distract from the movement and call for change.
This is a time for America to self-reflect and a time to begin having these vital, kitchen table conversations with our children who will hopefully build a better, more beautiful, and peaceful America. They are watching all that we do, and sadly, all that we fail to do.
Mayor Bill Ganz
Vice Mayor Bernie Parness
Commissioner Ben Preston
Commissioner Mike Hudak
Commissioner Todd Drosky


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