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How the optics look like Mayor Ganz uses his position to enrich possibly himself and others that support him

RED FLAG #1 – Bond that taxpayers did not get to vote on

In 2018 Mayor Bill Ganz pushed through a $37 million dollar capital improvement bond (loan). This bond included funds to pay for 5 multi-million dollar projects. This bond was pushed through with NO Deerfield Beach Citizen’s voting of the bond. Despite section F.S. §§ 100.201 and Deerfield Beach municipal code Sec. 26-151, The Deerfield Beach Commission were the only ones that voted and approved the $37 MILLION bond in which the residents of Deerfield Beach will have to pay for from there own pockets.

RED FLAG #2 – Bid was not public for Center for Active Aging

Northeast Focal Point, which is now renamed to Center for Active Aging. During the bond, the re-building of the facility estimated cost was $9.5 million. The bid was not public and only sent out directly to several contractors.

Only 3 Bids for construction were made.

  • $11,623,573 – Seawood Builders
  • $11,659,996 – West Construction
  • $12,177,000 – Di Pompeo Construction

Its concerning that with RFP’s sent out, only 3 companies bid on a $10 million contract. The question is why do contractors not want to bid these jobs in Deerfield beach? Could it be that the fix was in and they did not want to invest $50,000 in time to put together a bid knowing they had NO chance in getting the bid?

RED FLAG #3 – Chamber of Commerce

Betty Masi was the President of the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce who was paid $550,000 for the Commerce Building when the City could have bought the mortgage for $200,000 and taken title to the property.

This is the same DFB Chamber of Commerce that when they received this extra $350,000 gift from Ganz they had a Chamber of Commerce party in Boca Raton!

RED FLAG #4 – Major Contributors to Ganz Campaign

The Masi’s who own Seawood Builders were major contributors to Mayor Ganz Campaign. In addition they used another one of there companies “EDS” to also contribute, however they are the owners of the LLC.

Betty Masi has been one of Bill Ganz’ biggest supporters and financial contributors and made Ganz the guest speaker on economic development (a subject that he knows nothing about) During the Chamber of Commerce annual dinner. A buddy – buddy relationship has prosper since the Masi’s decided to support Bill Ganz Campaign. An anonymous source spoke about the very familiar interactions the two have at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

RED FLAG #5 – Who paid for school and the nice new pickup truck

There are questions that have arisen on how Bill Ganz, who documented his salary as less than $45,000 a year, found the necessary funds to purchase a new truck during his election for Mayor and how he sent his daughter to a $30,000 a year school at North Broward Prep? It just so happens, Seawood builders built and was involved in the sale of the same high school.

RED FLAG #6 – Resignation of City Manager Burgess Hanson, Hugh Dunkley, and Kara Petty

In a stunning turn of events in February, Burgess Hanson was caught giving himself money he was not allowed to do. Instead of investigating the incident and any other wrong doings that Burgess Hanson could have done, Mayor Ganz allowed Burgess Hanson to just give back the money and resign with NO OTHER QUESTIONS asked and “without” having a formal commission meeting to inform the commission as well as the residents.

Promptly after Burgess Hanson resigned, the Financial Director Hugh Dunkley and Assistant City Manager Kara Petty resigned from the city. There was NO questions ask or any investigations into wrong doing.

RED FLAG #7 – First time Bidder in Deerfield Beach

Why is it that Betty Masi boasts she lived in Deerfield Beach for more than 30 years and has been in the construction business for approximately 20 years and has never bid on a city project until Bill Ganz was elected Mayor?

RED FLAG #8 – Pushing Contract approval through during Coronavirus pandemic

In an unprecedented event, the award to Seawood Builders of the $11 million contract was quickly and quietly added to the commission agenda on April 21st while all residents were distracted with the corona virus. If it wasn’t for a super citizen, Whistle Blower, that found ethics violations occurred with Seawood Builders bid, the award would have gone through quietly (or perhaps one can say “sneaky”)


We at Deerfield Beach politics have been exposing for years the different levels of corruption that have infected our local government. It has made it difficult now that public records are being destroyed after 5 years. (Yes, you read that correctly, Under Mayor Ganz the commission voted to destroy public records after 5 years. In the era of cheap digital storage, we will no longer have a way to review historical data for patterns. Where is the historical society when you need them?)

Though many dealings happen behind closed doors and there is a huge lack of transparency, we will not ignore the fact that in our opinion Bill Ganz is using this opportunity to both enrich himself as well as his friends on the backs of the taxpayers. We will continue to expose the shady and questionable acts that walk the line of corruption, collusion, and ethical violations and make them Public.

Where there are RED FLAGS and OPTICS, then there is most likely WRONG DOING.





  1. These allegations, if true, are outrageous. The Governor and State Comptroller need to step in and appoint an auditor to review all of these activities. There must be some oversight authority on the State level prided by State law or regulation.

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