beach, Fl-From the Facebook group Watching Broward. Once again Facebook is buzzing as well as the internet with a new website dedicate dto Anti-Sheriff Tony rhetoric. These groups and sites would not be important if they apparently did not represent the thoughts of much active duty BSO deputies. For that reason it is newsworthy.

On another Facebook page yesterday someone shared a link to this website: It begs the question as to how someone as ill prepared as Greg Tony with a history of lies and ethical lapses, could possibly have been chosen for such an important position, especially given the number of people who were considerably more qualified.

Let’s start with the fact that Andrew Pollack had ZERO understanding of BSO. None. But in the same way the Parkland parents were treated like experts on any matter they ever spoke about, somehow nobody really listened to Andrew Pollack and thought to themselves, “WTF does he know about anything?” Or if they thought it their grief and empathy outweighed it.

DeSantis wanted so badly to get rid of this lingering problem and to get on with other things he treated it like any other political appointment, figuring he’d please Pollack and in some ways begin to deal with the black problem he still had from the campaign against Andrew Gillum. They brought Tony up for the Inauguration and voila! They found themselves a Sheriff!

Meanwhile DeSantis and Rick Scott had been getting pressure from others, like Jeff Bell, to remove Israel. But DeSantis didn’t care enough to ask Bell or anyone else who they’d recommend. This was easier. And they were all happy to stand behind DeSantis and claim victory.

DeSantis didn’t even come upstairs to swear Tony in the day he appointed him. Neither did any of the Parkland parents. It was as if they had gotten what they wanted, and now DeSantis could check that box off, and they were on their way! All they wanted was to be rid of Israel. So they massively inflated the importance and significance of Tony’s company because it fit with the Parkland narrative and it also conveniently glossed over just how light Tony was on actual law enforcement experience.

But nobody could’ve predicted Tony would be _this_ unprepared or arrogant. And none of the people making these decisions had the first fucking clue how complicated the Broward Sheriff’s Office was or how many stakeholders were actually at the table.