Beach, Fl-Boca Raton Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers has taken to Facebook, joined protesters and clearly wants everything that can be open to open. Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers has posted to Facebook and taken to joining local protesters.

☀️?️Who missed the beach?? I’m sorry I took you for granted and didn’t go enough!

From the white house task force meeting today. This is great news for the sunshine state! With no shade, the beaches basically sterilize themselves. Time to open the beaches and let us let some of that fresh salt air in our lungs!

Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers

Updated #COVID19 stats for Thursday April 23rd, 2020.
#Florida: Hospital flat, deaths up, cases down. Cases trending down across 14 days.
Of the 28843 total positive cases, 24203 have not needed any hospitalization. COVID-19 Remains a disease primarily affecting older and more vulnerable demographics. 0.4% deaths for those tested positive under 55. 90% of folks under 65 who have tested positive did not require hospital care. ZERO Deaths for anyone aged under 25 across a total of 2514 positive cases.

#PalmBeachCounty: Hospitalizations very low(3), 9 deaths, cases up. Cases Trending Down across 14 days.
Hospital beds available: 1,965(+163)/46.73% – ICU beds available: 114(-1)/28.64%

#BocaRaton: 393 total positive cases for Greater Boca Raton. (+19 New cases from yesterday)
Hospital beds available (Baptist-Boca Regional): 160(+13)/43.72% – ICU beds available: 14(-3)/34.15%

Local testing site:
South County Civic Center
16700 Jog Road
Delray Beach, FL 33446
Over age 16, by appointment only
(561) 804-0250

Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers

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Some very kind words (too kind) from the author here, and they’ve been in short supply in some blogs and papers recently. Some think truth is treason and leaders should never lend their voice to speak up for those without a voice. My faith is in God and I am so thankful for the life and blessing he’s given me. Even in this time, unlike many, many others, I have a good job, I’m with my family, we have a yard, a pool and each other. I feel guilty. I will most likely make it through fine, but my heart breaks for those hurting right now. Not just for those who have tragically lost family or friends from this disease. My heart breaks for the millions of people who have already sacrificed so much, and the millions more that don’t yet realize what has and continues to be sacrificed. My mind demands ruthless conviction in examining this situation. We’re about 36 days into an unprecedented ‘2 week shutdown’ to flatten the curve so we don’t overwhelm the ICUs. New data comes out every day and that should dictate re-evaluating our decisions. There is no excuse to wait. We have to be diligent, but we do not have to be afraid.

The author hits on something. My trust is in you. Not in myself for you, certainly not in government for you, it’s in you. Only you have your best interest in mind. Be informed, weigh your risk, and do what is right. It’s the only way it should be. It’s going to take massive work to get back to where we were. Not everything will be the same. That’s not all bad, but it’s also not all good. The longer we wait, the more we’ll leave behind and the more won’t make it back at all. It’s time to start taking those first steps back, cautiously, but surely.

Demand it from your elected leaders. Demand they take that first step, and then the next.