Deerfield Beach, Fl-The Miami Herald is involved in what appears to have been a Governor DeSantis back door deal to prevent a lawsuit from being filed. The Miami Herald is being denied public records pertaining to nursing homes and Coronavirus patients. The Miami Herald was prepared last week to file a lawsuit to force the production of the public records. Oddly their attorneys Holland and Knight who also in other cases have represented the state of Florida asked them to stand down. Seems some back door pressure from DeSantis office was responsible for the lawsuit not being filed by Holland and Knight for the Miami Herald. The Miami Herald has sought other counsel and intends to go forward with the lawsuit. has also sought the public records about the number of patients in Florida nursing homes and employees who have tested positive for Coronavirus and the number of deaths that have occurred in the facilities from Coronavirus. The state of Florida has no right to withhold these public records. The statutes are clear and the state is delaying the inevitable the release of the records.


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