Beach,Fl-We contacted BSO media relations to see how Coronavirus has affected BSO here is the reply.

  1. As of April 1, 2020, a total of 266 BSO employees have been either self-monitoring or self-isolating due to potential exposure to COVID-19, this is in accordance with Florida Department of Health guidelines. The employees are in varying stages of the suggested 14-day window. 13 of the 266 have tested positive for COVID-19, the employees are recuperating and are isolated. 134 of the 266 have concluded the suggested isolation days with no reported concerns, 119 of the 266 remain in varying degrees of monitoring (As April 1, 0917)
  1. Breakdown of numbers:
  2.     13 confirmed positive cases
  3.     134 cases are inactive or recovered pending return to work

                                       iii.    119 cases are in varying degrees of monitoring

  1.     266 total cases tracked to date.

Sergeant Donald Prichard

Public Information Officer – Sworn

Office of Public Information

Broward Sheriff’s Office

954-831-8300 (office)

Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue PIO Chief Michael Kane has informed that 6 firefighters are being treated for the Coronavirus, all are expected to recover.


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