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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

as of 2:49 p.m. ET 3/12/2020


Positive Cases of COVID-19

27 – Florida Residents
5 – Florida Cases Repatriated*
3 – Non-Florida Residents



2 – Florida Residents


Number of Negative Test Results



Number of Pending Test Results



Number of People Under Public Health Monitoring

476 – currently being monitored
1230 – people monitored to date


Positive Test: A positive test is when a sample sent to the state health lab comes back positive for COVID-19.

*Florida Cases Repatriated: The United States Department of State officially coordinated the return of a person living in Florida to the United States and those persons are isolated at a federally designated site until healthy. A repatriated case is when the United States Department of State officially coordinates the return of a Florida resident to the United States.

Negative Test Result: A negative test result is when a sample sent to the state health lab comes back negative for COVID-19.

Pending Test Result: A pending test result is when a sample sent to the state health lab has not been declared positive or negative at the time.

People Under Public Health Monitoring: The number of people under public health monitoring includes those at risk of having been exposed to COVID-19 who are monitoring their health under the supervision of public health officials.



Florida Residents Diagnosed in Florida

as of 2:49 p.m. ET 3/12/2020 

County Age Sex Travel** Related
1 Manatee 63 Male No
2 Hillsborough 29 Female Yes
3 Santa Rosa 71 Male Yes
4 Broward 75 Male No
5 Broward 65 Male No
6 Lee 77 Female Yes
7 Lee 77 Male Yes
8 Charlotte 54 Female Yes
9 Okaloosa 61 Female Yes
10 Volusia 66 Female Yes
11 Manatee 81 Female Yes
12 Broward 67 Male No
13 Volusia 60 Female Yes
14 Broward 69 Female No
15 Nassau 68 Male Yes
16 Collier 73 Male Yes
17 Collier 68 Female Yes
18 Collier 64 Female Yes
19 Pinellas 67 Male Yes
20 Pinellas 64 Male Yes
21 Pasco 46 Male Yes
22 Miami-Dade 56 Male Yes
23 Broward 70 Male Under Investigation
24 Lee 57 Male Under Investigation
25 Broward 65 Male Under Investigation
26 Broward 61 Male Yes
27* Seminole 68 Male Yes


* The Department of Health will confirm cases reported by commercial labs.

** A known history of exposure to COVID-19 outside of the state.