Beach, Fl-In today’s world the convenience of online ordering should be painless and trouble-free. In most cases ordering a Publix Boars head sub online, is just that. Sometimes it seems Publix maybe can use a lesson in customer service, like the other day when I ordered my Roast Beef sub online. When I arrived at the Deli it was ten deep everyone was busy, too busy to pay attention to me the guy that was walking around with that look of perplexion on my face, where is my sub? My email order was confirmed and was supposed to be ready at 11.15. Eleven-fifteen came and went so did 11.20 and 11.25, no sub no possibility of getting anyone at the counter’s attention. So I did what any good shopper would do checked out with my other items and went elsewhere. Publix, where shopping is a pleasure, was not on Friday.


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