Beach, Fl- The two largest websites control more news and news advertising than anyone else. That is correct Google and Facebook have changed the way Americans get their news. Many know the way we get our news has changed as you are reading this Hyper-Local news site. Since the internet has become available to almost all via computers and cell phones our news is now delivered in this medium, more so than print media like newspapers and magazines. Advertising industry experts say Google and Facebook control between 70 and 80 percent of all online and media advertising. Both of these internet giants offer small publishers like us a platform through their Google News and “Today in Deerfield Beach” app which allows us to compete for readers with the big boys. Google News and Today in Deerfield Beach give small new publishers a chance to capture readers of Google and Facebook and convert them to their websites with one click.

Many of the largest online publishers have installed paywalls on their websites. A paywall will restrict readers to four or five stories and then block the user from further reading without signing up for online subscriptions. Seems some of the largest newspapers in the country still have not figured out how to monetize their websites to generate needed income. As with any media, Hyper-local News sites must have advertisers, too. We at have used Google’s Adsense to deliver advertising that matches our content to Google’s advertising base. Starting on January 15th Deerfield-News com will begin serving local direct ads from local businesses in addition to Adsense. As well we will have “Paid Partnerships” available for advertisers for our Facebook page in conjunction with Facebook. We read your comments and emails. Many have written about ads on our site , we must like any form of media have a revenue stream ads are that stream. We do not use cookies on our site to gather your information and sell it, nor do we use pop-up ads.

One of the reasons local papers and community papers have been struggling is their inability to sell enough ads. Hyper-Local news sites are no different we must sell advertising space as well. Like Bob Dylan sang the times are a changing and we must keep up with the times. Please support and patronize our advertisers if not for them we could not publish.

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