Beach, Fl-Master Management the company that manages Century Village East has made offers to obtain the needed land to remodel and improve the west gate. Century Village is in the middle of redoing all their gated entrances. They had planned on widening the gatehouse and making it two lanes one for residents the other lane for all other vehicles. As we have reported previously Master Management needed about four feet of a strip of land in front of Prescott M in order to comply with codes and do the buildout they had planned. The Condo Commando President of Prescott M Pat Montague and an unnamed board member refused the offers Master Management made in good faith. A resident of the building says they were never notified of the offer and no vote was ever held. Some believe the building did not even know they owned this small parcel until they were contacted to sell it. Several residents have taken to social media to post about their displeasure with the actions of Montague.

Montague and the unnamed board member took it upon themselves to make the decision for Prescott M to reject the offer to purchase the needed land. Montague is the only thing that stands between an entire community, not just Century Village residents that will are affected. Deerfield Beach traffic flows are continuously impeded by backups at the west gate. We have video and photos showing backups as far south on Powerline Road and they reach to Tenth Street. As a result of Montague’s actions, an entire city will continue to suffer as Master Management looks for a plan B.In the meantime they have notified all those vendors and visitors who enter on the west gate from Powerline will be limited to residents only starting January 1.2020. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the traffic backups at the west gate.


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