Beach, Fl-Uber the nation’s largest ride-sharing platform has suffered from a reputation of having safety issues. Not only the drivers driving habits but committing sexual assaults on their passengers. Today’s numbers in the report released by Uber are staggering showing over 5000 incidents reported since 2017. Uber says over 3045 sexual assaults occurred just last year in the US while passengers used their platform. Uber claims to have 3 million drivers, of which 750,000 are in the US. Many have questioned Uber’s viability as they launched their platform. To be truthful they launched a better mousetrap or “MouseApp” than taxis and have put a hurting on taxis worldwide. New York taxi medallions have become virtually worthless as a result of Uber and Lyft. That said from the beginning one has had to question getting into cars with strangers. As a youngster Uber’s business model was every mothers fear you would take a ride with a stranger. now, of course, Uber says they do vigorous background checks on their drivers. Today’s statistics would lead one to believe if that is true they are not doing enough.