Beach, Fl- We recently posted the story below about the ongoing traffic problem caused by Century Villages security at their west gate. The Powerline Road entrance is a single lane when end vendors and delivery people use it creates a city traffic problem. Cars get backed up to Powerline Road and beyond sometimes to Tenth Street, causing traffic snarls. Century Village is in the middle of redoing all their gated entrances They had planned on widening the gatehouse and making it to lanes one for residents the other lane for all other vehicles. Due to a legal dispute over purchasing needed land in order to comply with codes CVE Master Management has apparently decided as of January 1, 2020, only residents can use the west gate to enter from Powerline Road. Beach,Fl-As Century Village Master Management attempts to redo all of their gated entrances, the west gate in Century Village has a problem. As has reported before they are short land in order to comply with codes. The land needed must come from Prescott M an independent condo association, that owns a strip of land needed by Century Village. According to owners in the building they have never been notified or held a vote to sell this parcel or not. This association while they certainly have rights and are entitled to be compensated for the land needed, also has a civic responsibility to all Deerfield Beach motorists who will continue to suffer from the single lane entrance at the west gate.

Anyone who has driven Powerline Road knows the west gate of CVE gets backed up and impedes traffic flow on Powerline Road sometimes all the way to Tenth Street. I understand CVE wants to enforce who comes into Century Village East, but when they impede the flow of traffic it becomes a governmental concern, not just a Condo Commando one. Master Management of CVE and Prescott M hopefully will reach an agreement and soon. If an agreement can not be reached Master Mangement and the city of Deerfield Beach need to address the ongoing traffic issue


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