OUR TAKE-Not Where You Want To See Your Fire Trucks And The BSO Contract

From BSO-Daily preparation is the key to survival, safety, and success! The importance of checking and rechecking our equipment each and every day cannot be overemphasized.


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach – Driving around the town today while getting ready to post about Deerfield Beach not renewing the BSO contract we saw this. In a city rife with scandals the selection of the city manager Santucci is only near the top. The BSO contract which renews next year is said to have been the talk of commissioners and others at BSO. The talk is Deerfield Beach has and is exploring the reality that meeting future pension obligations amongst other things may be impossible. A city where the mayor did nothing the second he found out the former city manager had received ill-gotten gains. Ganz notifies nobody, not law enforcement not other commissioners no one.  The issue does this break Sunshine Laws again by talking out of school as we reported last week. This decision if made to go back to Deerfield Beach Police and Deerfield Beach Fire may be the most prudent and responsible thing this commission could ever do,they just need to follow the laws in the process.

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