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Skimmers At Gas Stations Still A Problem For Deerfield Beach And All Of South Florida


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach-South Florida has seen a rise in debit and credit card skimming at gas stations. Some financial advisers and BSO have offered some tips for consumers. Do not use a debit card outside at the pump, pay inside with a debit card. See something strange or just not right say something tell the attendant or call the police do not use that pump. Look before you swipe, see a seal broken see something just a bit odd not quite right, do not swipe go inside pay with a credit card.
When you go inside to pay or buy something always lock your car doors, thieves need only seconds to steal your personal items or your car if you leave the keys or fob in them.
Set up any alert your bank may offer on their website or app notifying you of your charges on both debit and credit cards automatically. Local readers if you know of a situation here in the Deerfield Beach after contacting authorities please feel free to post on our blog and social media, which in many cases gets the news out locally to the community faster than conventional media.

Having credit card and debit card information stolen via skimmers installed in gas pumps. It’s happening more and more, and experts say skimming is continuing to rise in 2019 due to two factors.

One is skimming technology, which is becoming more sophisticated. Skimmers once were large-ish devices installed over the real card reader and recognizable as out of place by discerning gas station patrons. Nowadays, they’re as small as a thumb drive, hidden inside the pump and nearly impossible to detect.

Second, along with most ATMs, fueling stations have until October 2017 to update pumps with EMV technology, which accommodates credit cards with electronic chips. Why? Time and money. Gas pumps are highly regulated objects. After the new technology is installed, local authorities must inspect and re-certify every pump. The industry will spend $3.9 billion retooling the country’s 800,000 fuel pumps, according to Gray Taylor, executive director of Alexandria, Virginia-based Conexxus. Conexxus is the technology-and-standards arm of the National Association of Convenience Stores, a trade association for convenience stores and fueling stations.
Its title: “Defending the Island.” Gas pumps, especially those in remote locations, are attractive targets, as their remoteness gives thieves time and privacy to install skimming devices. The pumps most likely to get a skimmer: those off interstate highways, farthest from the cash register, says Taylor of Conexxus.

“People have so many things on their mind — they don’t notice” if the credit card reader seems weird. Some skimming victims have, in hindsight, remembered that the card reader had “a weird feeling like the slot had been tampered with”. “It wasn’t noticeable when it happened, but after the fact, they said, ‘You know what, it did feel like something was off when I put my card in”.( Source-creditcards.com)

The conversion to EMV technology for service stations has been extended until 2020 which will further prolong this problem, so consumers pay attention!