Our Take-Sad The More They Show Hate And Racism The More The Base Loves It

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-The more Trump crowds scream “send her back” the more the base loves it.

“Division and Racism” is the rhetoric that Trump will use each and every day going forward.

This Presidency is a combination of Tony Soprano and a guy with Munchausen’s By Proxy Syndrome, “half gangster” and the other half self-inflicted wounds Trump later claims victory resolving after he just caused them.

How is the wall? Has Mexico paid for it, No! How is the replaced Obama Care Plan? Where is the better with half the cost and all the waste eliminated health care Trump promised? Environmental laws trashed the water in worse condition both drinking and our lakes and oceans then when Trump took office. I am tired of all the winning if winning is “excluding others” because they are different and blatantly making fun of them, chastising them and yes hating them.

Instead of running on the things he has done well Trump continues to march on a path of HATRED.

What is your ethnicity became an acceptable question, to a member of the media from KellyAnne Conway? Hate is acceptable.

Being “other” and calling them out on it acceptable.”Go Home” is acceptable and the crowd roars this is what Trump has brought out and continues to bring out. All of the years of closeted hidden hate have boiled to the surface, America has gone backward. Truth is no longer the truth we have a President who lies at will, just makes shit up out of whole cloth. That is correct just states things as if they are true and folks will believe it.

All I can say to the Democrats you better have a better plan and bring out the votes or this country is doomed to four more years of hate. Republicans bring “atom bombs” to the gunfight and Democrats come with a knife, wake-up Dems!

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