Florida Law Makers Succumb To Plastic Straw Lobby Going To Place Moratorium On Municipal Plastic Straw Bans

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl -Florida’s Senate voted 24-15 Tuesday on a 5-year moratorium for cities to enforce plastic straw bans. Seems  “The Plastic Straw Lobby” should not be underestimated. Last week the Florida House passed HB-771, which sets the law up to be signed by Governor DeSantis.The legislature is also looking at a moratorium for local laws banning sunscreens that have chemicals that have been found to cause damage to coral reefs.

Environmentalists statewide who have been working to convince municipalities statewide of the dangers plastic straws cause sea life as well as the pollution of the plastics in our oceans. Ten Florida cities including Deerfield beach have adopted a ban on plastic straws, that now looks doomed.

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