Century Village Master Management Faces Sixty Foot Shortage Must Buy Land To Complete Gatehouse On West Drive


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Sources say CVE Master Management has a problem on their hands, in order to complete construction of their new proposed gatehouse, they need more land. Seems the only option is buying the land inside of the village.

Some would say that is a big problem as Master Management continues to struggle with traffic backups onto Powerline Road and sometimes as far south as to Tenth Street. Those who use this entrance know it is slow and problematic and Master Management has failed to eliminate its use for visitors and deliveries. That entrance and guardhouse during the season are not equipped to handle the volume of traffic it receives from people without Id cards or stickers.

Our sources told Deerfield-News.com apparently they need to have sixty feet more to fit in all three lanes proposed as they have installed at the Military Trail gate. The problem is,  the Prescott condo association does not want to sell the land in question to Master Management.

We are not even sure as of this posting that those rights would actually belong to the Prescott Condo Association but in fact may belong to the” Cenville” heirs the Nicholson family, not the condo association.

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