Dirty in Deerfield Nope Bad In Boca “Pepperidge Farm Remembers” I Mean Deerfield News This Is Why Food Inspections Are Not Enough I Still Can Not Eat At Mortons


Sometimes it takes an honest employee, Youtube is full of some disgusting things food handlers have done at work. This one was local not so long ago, we remember. In response to the reader or readers who believe  “Dirty In Deerfield” is to chase people to Boca, to the contrary when I have seen bad Boca reports I publish. I will be glad to do more Boca and Lighthouse Point eateries hopefully all with good reports, but let us be clear these reports are factual and from the State of Florida. I get no pleasure out of posting the bad reports it is information for each consumer to read and digest if they want to eat at the restaurant. We also will be covering supermarkets and C-stores which are licensed by Florida Department Of Agriculture and not DBPR, stay tuned you may be surprised what you are going to read.

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Did Morton’s Staff Put Asparagus Down Their Pants And Serve It?

You know the joke ‘Is that a banana in your pants or are you happy to see me”? Well, employees at Mortons The Steakhouse in Boca Raton may have taken that joke a little too literally.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, employees of the restaurant, located near Town Center Mall, are involved in a lawsuit which involves the mishandling of vegetables, to put it delicately.

In the lawsuit, filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court on on October 3rd, Reggie Williams, a chef at Morton’s, alleges that his coworkers sexually harassed kitchen staff, both verbally and physically. That’s bad, but wait…it gets worse. And it could have affected you.

According to the document filed in court, one of the defendants, Edmund

Bleus, would “place stalks of asparagus inside his underwear, next to

his anal/genital area in order to simulate an erect penis.”

If that’s not horrifying enough, Bleus would “take the asparagus back

out of his anal/genital area, return it to his station and, in an

utterly revolting, stomach-turning act, reminiscent of the worst

fast-food B-movie, and more so, despite the real risk of exposing to the

public serious illness and injury, later serve that asparagus to

Morton’s unsuspecting customers.”

Don’t believe us?  Read the entire lawsuit here. Kinda makes you want to pass on the sides, doesn’t it?

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