Beach, Fl-This citizen blogger gets more crap from readers about syntax and grammar, but at least I get the facts right. Trust me, The Pelican has no Pulitzer prize winning reporters either.

I have never had the General Counsel of a Florida office demand a retraction nor have I had any attorneys demanding I take down something factual I published.  When uncovered the massive problem with our water treatment plants, which came from the State of Florida Department of Health these morons challenged my posting and attacked our coverage of facts. The Pelican fails on all three of those. To the contrary, I have had a General Counsel from The State of Florida try to get me to not publish the pictures above of our dilapidated water treatment plant. I refused to do so as I obtained them legally through public records` request and if they were sent in error the public interest of those pictures outweighed any consequence including the Mayor’s veiled threat it violated the Patriot Act.

From me to you-you are “Biased and Bought” with money from Deerfield Beach political backers money.No one owns me the news publishes and our opinions are advertiser supported via Google or self-funded by me citizen blogger Howard Levy. The news we report we always strive to get the facts correct sometimes in “Breaking News” or news we obtain from sources things happen if we make an error we correct it, not bury it on page six. One of the biggest stories of the last two years is Deerfield Beach water treatment facility is in major disrepair and you failed to cover it accurately because of your allegiance to Mayor Bill Ganz…….

As the demand for printed papers decreases we will see who in the end has the bigger Deerfield Beach audience reach, and I bet it will not be The Pelican. I know who has the bigger online audience reach on both Google News and Facebook and it is not The Pelican. Next time you or Judy Wilson publish anything about, not being factual do your homework first before publishing what Medina or Ganz ask you to.

Next, up all those phonies who stood up at city commission meetings and our own politicians who lied right to your face. March elections do not bring out more voters, that is BULLSHIT! They bring out less and work to the establishments favor most of the time. Thankfully in District Two, Ben Preston was reelected and that is a good thing! Look at the pictures Judy Wilson do they look like that is normal can YOU NOT SEE THE RUST?

The numbers speak for themselves, again voting in March is voter suppression and each and every Democrat should be ashamed of themselves for not calling that out.

Do you see the pictures of our water treatment plant, you do not have to be an engineer to see we have very serious problems that will require almost $16 million dollars if not more to fix, let us get busy and repair our water system. Who are you going to believe Mayor Ganz, Judy Wilson, and The Pelican or your lying eyes, we have a water problem, look at the photos!


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