BREAKING NEWS-OIG MUST INVESTIGATE-Toll Brothers Community At Century Village Golf Course Is And Was A Conflict Of Interest For Commissioner Parness He Had No Right To Vote On This Beach, Fl-COOCVE the acronym for Condominium Owners Organization of Century Village East is headed by the brother of Commissioner Bernie Parness. Those that understand how this business deal came about the selling of the golf course, the subsequent lawsuits, and now the proposed purchase by Toll Brothers Commissioner Parness should have recused himself, he did not.


Now that the damage is done Florida’s Office of Inspector General must investigate.

Land Use Plan Amendment-was scheduled for December 5, 20,17 at the city commission meeting. The interests that COOCVE have in seeing this deal go through must be taken into consideration. This deal takes all the pressure off of and saves millions of dollars for COOCVE who may have been at the losing end of the pending litigation. This land use change if allowed certainly bails COOCVE out of a bad legal predicament for that reason, The measure passed two votes of which Parness had a and has a conflict of interest in, Parness should not have voted.

Charles Parness was the head of COOCVE at the time of the vote and prior. Some have told us the Parness brothers do not speak. Not important they are blood brothers, Commissioner Parness has a duty to recuse himself from this all-important vote. Deerfield Beach which already has a nepotism problem does not need a sitting city commissioner whose brother is the President of the master condo association that will benefit millions of dollars by this zoning change to be voting on it. Commissioner Bernie Parness should not have voted on this issue.

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