Time For State Of Florida To Investigate Deerfield Beach How Does A City Spend Four Million Dollars It Was Not Supposed To

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Time for the State of Florida to get involved and investigate what Deerfield Beach leaders have done to citizens. Time for the office of The Inspector General and other agencies to be involved urgently.

From Deerfield Beach Politics Facebook Group-

From Deerfield Beach District One Candidate-Dan Herz

It now seems there may be an explanation coming from BURGESS HANSEN & Mayor Ganz regarding how it was possible for the City of DB to totally screw up retiree & their dependents health benefits claims. Remember this little screw up has cost us, THE TAXPAYERS at least $4 MILLION DOLLARS and probably a lot more!

Here is Burgess Hansen’s answer from the just released 2019 City Of DB Budget:

“We have responsibly been adjusting the plans and rates to be fiscally responsible without creating a massive upheaval within DFB TRIBE. Even with our recent enactment of non-active (retiree) health coverage, the City Commission and staff were assailed with complaints and resistance to the proper implementation of the non-active health insurance program”.

My Take on the above – I guess we the taxpayers should feel sorry for BURGESS HANSEN because he got some flak from the retirees for finally enforcing what he should have enforced from the first day he was appointed City Manager over 8 years ago. Who cares that he wasted over $4 MILLION DOLLARS OF THE TAXPAYERS MONEY!!

Here is Mayor Ganz’s answer from the July 2nd Commission meeting:

“No it wasn’t discovered for a long time. When we finally said this is a priority, we started peeling back the onion and dealing with it. It’s not something that can turn on a dime and people should realize that”.

My Take on the above – We should all be so grateful to Mayor Ganz for FINALLY making this a priority and investigating it after his almost 10 years of being a Commissioner or Mayor. I guess without wonderful Mayor Ganz this $400,000 waste of taxpayer money would have gone on for another 20 years! The total arrogance of Mayor Ganz has no limitations. Do you think there will be any repercussions for this total screw up and waste of taxpayer money?

There is one way we can change this crap from happening over and over again in DB. Please vote for me in the March 12, 2019 District 1 Commission election. Go to my website, www.votefordanherz.com
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Dear Residents,


Let me get this straight!

The City of Deerfield Beach continues to pay retirees healthcare premiums who are over 65 for over ten years at a cost to the taxpayers of $400,000 per year or approx. 4 Million Dollars in spite of the fact that the Charter specifically states that all health care cost for City retirees will end at the age of 65.

Now Burgess Hanson, the City Manager, who signs off on the audit “every year” claims he did not have a clue?

This is the same City Manager that Bill Ganz did not find necessary to give annual performance reviews to and during a Commission meeting told the residents how much of an exceptional job the City Manager is doing!

This is also the same City Manager that Bill Ganz was instrumental in giving a lucrative employment contract to that consisted of not only a substantial pay increase, but Hanson was also allowed to move out of Deerfield Beach, given traveling expenses and to add insult to injury, a 9 month severance package if he were to be terminated!

Its time for the Residents of Deerfield Beach to wake up to the fact that this Commission is not only incompetent but unless something is done to remove these misfits, we the taxpayers will continue to pay the price!



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