Deerfield Beach To Vote On Straw Ban Is The City Going Too Far Beach, Fl-How much is too much for a city to demand? Outlawing straws maybe beyond the authority of Deerfield Beach, while we support merchants and businesses looking for alternatives and giving consumers an option. Deerfield Beach banning straws is a bit much and probably unconstitutional. I am not sure who has standing and would want to bring this constitutional challenge, but, someone in any business that buys or sells or gives out straws has an interest.

Plastic bags, cigarette butts at the beach they are a big problem as well.

Deerfield Beach will vote on September 17th on a final vote to ban straws.

In a city that is part of a state where our Ocean and Intracoastal and our Lakes are in jeopardy, we all want to do and be environmentally correct, but where it will do the most good. The government, especially at the city level maybe way overstepping their authority in trying to do something good.

We have many pending issues with our own drinking water and water treatment plant needing $15.8 million in repairs that should be the priority in Deerfield Beach? Do the city officials not see smell or taste our water? Instead of hiding our dilapidated water treatment plant from the public and the media Mayor and City Manager Hanson need to open it up so all can see.

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