Beach, Fl-Stemming from an incident August 13, 2018, on Palmetto Park Road and Dixie Highway, the people want to know why a Boca Police officer is fist bumping a nazi. A local resident can be seen grabbing the sign, he was arrested but released at the scene. Luis Carlos Reyes grabbed the sign from Patrick Little while someone was videoing. At the end of the video Little is seen fist bumping a Boca Raton Police officer which has many residents concerned and pissed off.

Response from Boca Raton Police-Including officers body cam video

RE: Viral Video Showing Nazi Protestor Fist Bumping Boca Officer
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Date: Thu, Aug 23, 2018 10:26 am
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Hi Howie,


First we have no knowledge of the individual being a Nazi.  He claims to be a 2020 Presidential candidate who as you will read in our PC travels around making these videos hoping to be assaulted to post the video and make money off of it.


We have posted our response via social media platforms multiple times over the last couple of days…here is the response we gave and the officers actual body cam video showing the actual interaction not the heavily edited one released by Mr. Little.


On Monday, August 13, 2018, Boca Raton Police officers responded to a disturbance at the corner of South Dixie Highway and Palmetto Park Road.  Upon arrival officers observed an individual, identified as Patrick Little, holding signs that were offensive. Little claimed he was assaulted by Carlos Reyes. Reyes, who was still on scene, told officers he was offended by Little’s message and attempted to grab the signs.  Although arrested for battery, Reyes was released from the scene with a Notice to Appear.


It was later learned that Little travels around the country looking to provoke people with his messages. Little, who video records all his events, tried to get all the officers on scene to shake his hand. He recorded one of our officer’s fist bumping him in a heavily edited video.  We talked with the officer involved, and while Little’s message is not something he condones, he was simply trying to get Little’s cooperation.  We’ve attached a portion of the officer’s body cam video.