Deerfield Beach We Can Still Make A Difference-Strawless Summer-Group Seeks Your Help Beach,Fl- From Kiska Dawes Austin-A group of concerned citizens is asking merchants to use or give out straws by request only. The initiative is to help reduce the number of straws discarded on our beach.

We can all make a small difference straws by request only!

By William Broadway-

Plastic drinking straw and a sea turtle meet.  If we can cut off the street lights during nesting season, is it too much to ask local restaurants and bars to stop serving plastic straws?

Many of them end up on the Beach and/or in the Ocean and never break down. You can drink out of the glass, and if you can’t trust the cleanliness of the place you are drinking, why are you there?

Next time you order a drink, please say No Straw. Eventually, establishments will quit buying them, or just go somewhere that doesn’t have them. Just my 2 cents. 💖🐢 #StopSucking #GoStrawless #Biodegrade

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Update- seems we are getting help from local restaurants and bars.
Seems nationwide food purveyors like Sysco Foods know about this movement and are responding with alternative biodegradable straws for the restaurants they supply.
Please let me know who has done what locally here in Deerfield Beach, Thanks-

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