City of Deerfield Beach Suspends Recycling Sounds Like A Plan…..Waste Management Really Trying To Screw City Beach, Fl-As a result of the termination of the Sun-Bergeron recycling deal, Deerfield was faced with a Tipping Fee or Dumping Fee increase from $51.15 a ton to $96 from Waste Management. This suspension and failure to negotiate a deal will set back Deerfield Beach recycling efforts a decade. Waste Management also threatened to reject trucks shipped to them if they contained too many “contaminated” non- recyclables. Seems Waste Management has the City of Deerfield Beach over the proverbial barrel.










From Deerfield Beach Politics-

Congratulations to the DB City Commission who tonight in a 3-2 vote went AGAINST staff recommendation & refused to sign a contract which would have allowed Waste Management to extort the Citizens by trying to force us to pay an 88% increase in the cost to recycle in DB. Waste Management is the only recycling option left & they tried to shamefully shake down DB to pay a huge fee increase with an option to charge us even more for “contaminated recyclables”!



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